Carefree Industrial Park is Kansas City’s Premiere Subsurface Business Park.

Kansas City is ground zero for developed subsurface industrial space. There is over 25,000,000 square feet of developed subsurface industrial space within the Kansas City metropolitan area. All cutting edge development methodologies and techniques originate from the KC area and Carefree Industrial Park is a leader in the subsurface development sector.

The park encompasses over 550 surface acres, located at 1600 North State Route 291 in Independence, Missouri. The subsurface park contains 4,200,000 square feet of developed premier subsurface industrial space occupied by over 40 companies who have operations within the project. There is additional expansion space within the subsurface park; this area represents in excess of 800,000 square feet which is available for immediate development.

Carefree Industrial Park offers competitive lease rates, flexible lease terms and most importantly, flexibility in building size and usage. We offer programs such as short term leases, month-to-month leases and other programs that allow Tenants to expand their leased space to accommodate their clients needs.

Demo Visual Tour

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